Cool shades bro: Scottish company offering biodegradable sunglasses


In Scotland, a company called Tens is manufacturing biodegradable sunglasses using acetate made from cotton and wood pulp.

The frame material is scratch-resistant and will biodegrade in just 115 days in the ground. The company will even take them back from customers for processing.

“We want people to feel good  about what they’re wearing and we want to feel good about we’re making. The transition to bio acetate has been challenging given the high expense and long lead times but we’re proud as the underdogs to be making this move and we hope the bigger brands follow suit,” says cofounder Kris Reid.

The company, which only uses raw materials from sustainably managed forests, says it is also working on developing a filter lens that is biodegradable.

“We just wanted to create a lens that made everyday life look like a 35mm photo of Venice Beach  in the ‘70s, so  it’s cool to know that there’s some psychology behind our theory that these tones genuinely make you feel happier,” adds cofounder Marty Bell.