Gotcha! Biobased material captures micropollutants


In the United Kingdom, CustoMem developed a novel bio-based adsorbent material that can selectively capture micropollutants including pesticides, pharmaceuticals and high-performance chemicals like per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from wastewater, according to Filtration & Separation.

The new bio-adsorbent, called CGM (CustoMem Granular Media), can selectively capture micropollutants in standard steel tank processing equipment and the captured waste is then disposed of safely or re-purposed. The CGM can then be chemically regenerated using a non-hazardous proprietary wash.

“Our CGM product can treat industrial wastewater and help restore legacy contamination sites, thus preventing leaching into drinking water and agricultural land,” CustoMem CEO Henrik Hagemann told Filtration & Separation.

“A critical point,” explained Henrik Hagemann, “is that our CGM’s optimised performance allows faster flowrates and saves floor space, utilising up to four times less plant footprint than activated carbon solutions. This provides significant cost savings to customers compared with traditional adsorbent materials like anion-exchange media and granular activated carbon.”