The Climate Corporation moves predictive seed selection and placement to pre-commercial testing


In Iowa, The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Bayer, announced the advancement of a new predictive seed selection and placement technology to pre-commercial testing. This fall, approximately 50 seed dealers will be testing Seed Advisor, a data science-driven tool that provides dealers with a ranked hybrid recommendation by field and optimal seeding rate recommendation to help their farmer customers manage risk and maximize yield.

The Climate Corporation has invested heavily in research and development that will ensure this technology empowers dealers with a predictive model that combines the industry’s largest, proprietary seed genetics library with regional seed performance data to predict the best performing hybrid for the unique agronomic conditions of each field.

After model validation against real-world data and extensive in-field testing, The Climate Corporation is targeting a launch of Seed Advisor for fall of 2019 across the U.S., pending the results of the 2019 season’s FieldView Innovators program.