Gaps and demand for sustainability certification and standardisation report published


In Germany, UFOP published a report discussing the future of the “biobased Bio-Economy (BBE)” and how it will be determined by the introduction and quality of corresponding sustainability requirements, documentation quality and certification systems. In the article, the regulations of the RED are mentioned as an approach or “blue-print” for non-biofuel uses.

In this paper, they “analyzed the current status of sustainability certification and standardization in the bio-based economy by conducting comprehensive desktop research, which was complemented by a series of expert interviews. The analysis revealed an impressive amount of existing certification frameworks, criteria, indicators and applicable standards. However, relevant gaps relating to existing criteria sets, the practical implementation of criteria in certification processes, the legislative framework, end-of-life processes, as well as necessary standardisation activities, were identified which require further research and development to improve sustainability certification and standardisation for a growing bio-based economy.”