AgroFresh launches the FreshCloud platform to predict product freshness and reduce food waste


In Pennsylvania, AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., a global leader in produce freshness solutions, launched its FreshCloud platform, a data-backed, insights-driven solution for monitoring produce quality through the supply chain. AgroFresh’s insights and expertise add new technology to predict produce freshness, quality and optimal consumption timing.

AgroFresh also recently acquired Verigo, a disruptive Internet of Things company offering end-to-end visibility and management of cold-chain logistics adding proprietary technologies to its industry-leading portfolio. The acquisition is the first step in tangibly delivering on AgroFresh’s commitment to improve fruit quality that will increase consumable produce and reduce food waste. FreshCloud is fueled by real-time predictive data insights that improve efficiency in the delivery of produce to consumers around the world.

AgroFresh’s acquisition of Verigo strengthens the company’s role as a provider of intelligent and innovative solutions for customers across the fresh produce value chain. Verigo’s technology now forms the foundation of FreshCloud Transit Insights.