Sticky situation: UK supermarket looks to combat gum waste with biodegradable alternative


In the United Kingdom, the Iceland chain of supermarkets has become the first in the country to stock Simply Gum, a New York-based producer of gum based on tree sap. The biodegradable chewing gum sells for £2 for a pack of 15.

Most gum contains synthetic rubber and do not biodegrade. Simply Gum, however, uses the natural gum base chicle, sourced from the Central American sapodilla tree.

Info Surhoy  says local councils are spend about £60 million a year removing gum from Britain’s pavements.

Iceland’s other sustainability initiatives include a pledge to phase out plastic packaging in its store-brand items by 2023.

“We chose Iceland as our UK launch partner because of this shared commitment to quality and sustainability,” Simply Gum creator, Caron Proschan says. “Iceland continues to lead the way in terms of enabling consumers to make informed and responsible choices.”