Südzucker and DouxMatok offer Europeans all the taste with less sugar


In Germany and Israel, Südzucker, Europe’s leading sugar company, and DouxMatok, developer of targeted flavor delivery technology, partnered to commercialize DouxMatok’s breakthrough sugar reduction solution across Europe to support the food industry’s efforts to reduce sugar content.

DouxMatok sugar, which is compliant with European and US regulations, can reduce up to 40 percent of the sugar content in various food products while maintaining the same sugar sensory profile. The patented sugar delivery technology takes advantage of loading sugar molecules on a mineral carrier, resulting in a more efficient delivery and enhanced sweetness perception.

The companies are focused on scaling up production and expect to offer it for use in a variety of categories, including: chocolate, spreads, snack bars, biscuits, baked goods and candies. In addition, sugar reduction will be accompanied by recommendations for rebalancing recipes while improving the nutritional values of food, based on the companies’ expertise in filling ingredients.