JUST plant-based eggs enter European markets


In California, JUST, a plant-based egg and clean meat company, announced a distribution deal with Eurovo to bring Just Egg to consumers across Europe. Just Egg, made from the mung bean, cooks and tastes like conventional chicken eggs and is currently launching nationally in the United States. JUST plans to expand the product’s availability across Asia after a successful Hong Kong launch earlier this year.

Partnering with Eurovo, a leading European producer and distributor of packaged, pasteurized, and dried eggs, Just Egg will be sold alongside Eurovo’s retail brands like le Naturelle, Maia, Novissime, Nonna Anita, and others, and will be available for chefs and foodservice professionals through Eurovo Service.

Eurovo Group President Siro Lionello said, “Our alliance with JUST fits into an innovation and sustainability strategy that began more than 20 years ago with Eurovo Group’s investments in alternative farming of cage-free, free-range and organic eggs and egg products.”