Growlink offers beta program for Plant Health AI


In Colorado, Growlink, a leading agriculture technology company, announced a beta program for its new AI solution for greenhouse and indoor farming. Growlink Plant Health AI uses cloud machine learning, computer vision, sensor data, and AI to track and predict plant health.

Growlink collects over 200 million monthly data points from 2,200 active field devices. This data is combined with high-definition and infrared camera images to provide a comprehensive understanding of field conditions. Features include data-powered agronomy, predictable and optimized yields, early disease and pest detection and voice-enabled system management.

“The world must produce more food using fewer resources, and we are certain AI supported by advanced technology platforms will truly benefit farmers,” said Ted Tanner, CEO and Co-Founder of Growlink. “From commercial greenhouses to vertical farming, the comprehensive data AI gathers and the real-time actions made from this data will lead to greater, predictable yields and reduced crop loss.”