VTT unveils 100% bio composite chair


In Finland, research institute VTT has made a prototype designer chair using a 100% biobased, biodegradable material. Unlike many composite materials that combine both plastic and biobased raw materials, the completely renewable chair is mostly made of cellulosic fibers with some polylactide and biobased additives.

“New bio-based, thermally formable materials and composites are a promising alternative for the plastic products market. However, a big breakthrough is yet to come. A major shift requires cooperation between material and process developers as well as designers,” Wikström, Research Team Leader from VTT.  “All the goals we set were achieved: the material is 100 percent bio-based, cellulose fibers account for a significant proportion, it looks good and it has excellent performance characteristics.”

VTT collaborated with Plastec Finland and KO-HO Industrial on the chair.