AgEagle proposes high resolution aerial imagery to verify sustainability


In Kansas, AgEagle Aerial Systems, Inc. intends to help farmers and agribusinesses better identify sustainability opportunities by using its expertise in high resolution imagery capture to verify and validate best management practices.

“As the first drone-based aerial imagery company that intends to provide customized services to sustainability departments of major food companies, we will have the opportunity to define how sustainability on the farm is measured,” says Bret Chilcott, CEO of AgEagle. “By establishing the AgEagle Sustainable Field Index and working closely with the food manufacturer and the farmer, we can set a standard benchmark, track and measure progress on established goals and provide reporting data to demonstrate progress and influence watchdog assessment metrics.”

While 85 percent of the S&P 500 now report on their sustainability initiatives, most food manufacturers are not set up to monitor how the ingredients they purchase from farmers are treated and handled in the field.