Sweet success for Tony’s Chocolonely


In Belgium, Tony’s Chocolonely, a chocolate bar company created by three journalists after hearing stories of child abuse in the cocoa industry, will expand to the United Kingdom in early 2019 after successful roll outs in Belgium, Sweden and the U.S. Pascal van Ham told the Grocer that the “same portfolio of classic flavours we have now” will be available in the U.K.

The bars unique uneven divided shapes reflect the inequity found in the cocoa supply chain and they aim to make their chocolate 100% slave-free hoping others will follow suit. The company claims that it pays its cocoa farmer partners in Ghana and the Ivory Coast more than Fairtrade and others in order to reflect “the true price of chocolate.”

Tony’s Chocoloney had global sales of €44.9 million or about $52 million, which was up 53% from the prior year. It also recently overtook Milka as the Netherlands’ leading chocolate brand.