c-LEcta develops new process for a 100 percent plant-based sweetener


In Germany, c-LEcta, a world-leading biotechnology company focused on enzyme engineering with applications in regulated markets like pharma and food, together with a leading ingredient company, developed a method to help expand production of a new plant-based sweetener.

The team developed a process based on enzymatic treatment of precursors of sweeteners that has been incorporated at commercial scale. The plant-based origin and safety of these sweeteners in combination with their very sugar-like taste make them suitable for large scale use in low- and zero-calorie beverages and foods like soft drinks or diet products.

c-LEcta CEO Dr. Marc Struhalla said, “We are very proud of what we have achieved in the framework of this close cooperation. Our highly effective enzyme process helps provide the food and beverage industry with greater supply of great-tasting, plant-based sweeteners. That increased supply helps enable production of zero-calorie soft drinks sweetened 100 percent with plant-based sweeteners.”