Bunge opens state-of-the-art wheat mill in Yucatán


In Missouri, Bunge North America, a food and feed ingredient company, opened its new wheat mill in the southeast region of Mexico. The Del Mayab mill is located 20 kilometers from Puerto Progresso, a strategic location for serving key customers in southeast Mexico. This site provides logistical advantages since wheat brought in through the nearby port can easily be delivered to the mill and the flour produced can be efficiently exported to other countries in Latin America.

“This expansion of our footprint ensures that Bunge can continue to meet the needs of our customers with a reliable supply chain and the ability to produce high quality ingredients at a competitive cost,” said Daniel Maldonado, managing director, Mexico. “The location and design of this mill allow us to create a world-class operation with a strong local presence.”

The facility was engineered for the best productivity, quality, safety and environmental performance possible. Its state-of-the-art technology will improve yields, ensure product quality and reduce energy consumption.