iWi launches omega-3 supplements made from algae


In Texas, iWi, the brand revolutionizing nutrition with healthy, sustainable, algae-based products, launched a full line of omega-3 supplements – omega-3 complex, DHA and EPA – and an ad campaign starring Beth Dover of Orange is the New Black.

Most people today get their omega-3s from fish or krill, but few of them know that fish and krill get their omega-3s from algae. iWi goes straight to the source in order to provide consumers with omega-3s that are 100 percent vegan, sustainable and traceable from start to finish.

iWi, a pioneer in growing algae at scale in the American Southwest, is also cultivating a new kind of farmer – one that grows in an arid landscape far from typical agricultural areas and uses one of the most sustainable methods of farming in the world. With little more than saltwater and sunshine, iWi’s sustainable, nutrient-filled algae can produce a new crop every single day.