Harper Adams University partners with TAFE to advance autonomous farming


In the United Kingdom, Harper Adams University formed a collaboration with India-based Tractors and Farm Equipment to develop advanced technological, agronomic and educational solutions for the delivery of sustainable food production around the world.

TAFE, the world’s third largest tractor manufacturing company in terms of volume, is the first business to take up residence in the Agri-EPI Centre Newport Hub on the university campus, and commence a major, collaborative research and development project. Agri-EPI Centre is one of four national Centres for Agricultural Innovation created as part of a £17.7m UK government investment to provide engineering and precision agriculture solutions for the agri-food industry.

The joint research projects and programs will focus on agriculture, engineering and technology development on autonomous farming and energy efficient implements, unmanned aerial systems and sensor technologies along with the Hands Free Hectare project that will be implemented at JFarm India; TAFE’s adaptive agriculture research center.