Music festival embraces eco-friendly glitter


In the United Kingdom, popular music festival Mighty Hoopla kept festivities fun and eco-friendly by providing biodegradable glitter made from Eucalyptus trees.

The festival, which attracted 16,000 attendees to Brockwell Park earlier this month, used glitter made by the brand Ecoglitterfun. The switch was aimed at reducing the impact of micro plastics on marine life. “We are part of the Drastic On Plastic initiative so we will be aiming to end single-use plastic on site by 2020,” Mighty Hoopla co-founder Jamie Tagg tells SW Londoner. Under the DOP initiative, festivals will also ban plastic drinks bottles, plastic straws, plastic food trays, cable ties and toiletry bottles.

According to SW Londoner, by 2021 more than 61 independent music festivals will have banned non-biodegradable glitter.