Fire Waters shows ethanol can replace fossil fuels in the kitchen


In the United Kingdom, a new demonstration site for commercial cooking equipment, Fire Waters, is showing how conventional cooking fuels could easily be replaced with ethanol. Owner Michael George is working on developing commercial cooking equipment that runs on renewable fuels instead of fossil fuels, which would be great for commercial kitchens who may be facing carbon taxes and cap and trade.

While the cost of cooking food with ethanol was comparable to electricity or fossil fuels, George told the London Free Press, “We would be able to turn a profit if we could legally sell to the general public.” He can’t license the biofuel cooking equipment because of municipal and provincial government regulations that don’t permit the use of biofuels in commercial food preparation settings.

The way he got the name of his demo facility is because, “Our ethanol is as clear as water but burns like fire,” George told the London Free Press.