TetraCumin unleashes curcumin benefits


In California, Tesseract Medical Research, a life sciences company, announced TetraCumin, a product that features the bioactive curcumin metabolite Tetrahydrocurcumin, the form that is most readily absorbed in the body.

Research points to roadblocks that limit the benefits of this turmeric-derived compound, including curcumin’s very low absorption and bioavailability rates and a half-life measured in minutes. It would need to be consumed in large amounts day and night to experience a major difference.

“The benefits of turmeric have been known since ancient times,” states Jeff Kotterman, LMSN, the creator of TriSystem EDGE and the Director of the National Association of Sports Nutrition. “The challenge is to get nutrient-rich curcumin with its active constituents into the body without severe degradation in the process. Most turmeric supplements on the market have very poor absorption, which means very little of the ingested botanical actually gets to the cells that could use it most.”