Insight Robotics receives $9 million to expand robotic forest monitoring worldwide


In Hong Kong, Insight Robotics received a US$9 million investment that will benefit forestry all over the world. Insight Robotics optimizes management of forestry, agricultural land and oil palm plantations by providing intelligence based on multispectral and spatial data from aerial and terrestrial sensors to facilitate early detection of man-made and natural threats to forestry.

The significance of the breakthrough is the deliberate burning of forests is responsible for about 30 percent of global carbon emissions, but some 1.5 million hectares of land are now being protected following deployment of more than 100 wildfire detection robots.

The funding will enable Insight Robotics to build on its leadership in Asia Pacific, while developing new technologies. One beneficiary will be a project to develop a high-speed, high-resolution multispectral aerial survey camera designed to gather data by covering very large tracts of agricultural land. The camera’s advanced data-processing algorithms yield best-in-class image quality.