Radici Carpet chooses Aquafil’s ECONYL 100% regenerated yarn


In Italy, abandoned fishing nets and old carpets are just a few examples of the waste that are used to produce ECONYL yarn, a regenerated nylon fiber, used by carpet manufacturers who make sustainability one of the pillars of their business. Radici Carpet chose ECONYL yarn for their sophisticated luxury rugs and for their special carpets printed using Chromoproject technology. ECONYL yarn is solution dyed and space dyed PA6 from regenerated pre- and post- consumer waste for the contract and high-end residential sectors.

The SuperDesignShow demonstrated carpets with attractive designs that re-launch the technology of printing toward a new era, without limits of color and imagination. Radici Carpet’s made with ECONYL yarn perfectly reproduce the look and feel of warmth given by natural fibers, but are made from complete regenerated fibers.

The Aquafil Group also recently announced that its ECONYL solution dyed yarn is used in the production of the ‘Visions of’ collection from European carpet manufacturer Desso.