Omnipork, plant-based vegan pork to debut in Hong Kong


In Hong Kong, Omnipork, a plant-based vegan pork alternative made from shiitake mushroom, rice, non-GMO soy, and plant protein will launch this summer.

The product was developed by David Yeung, the founder of Green Common, a veggie grocery store and dining chain in Hong Kong, and is made by Yeung’s company Right Treat. Yeung wanted to create a product which would taste like traditional pork, and have all the same applications, without having the negative ethical, health, and environmental implications of slaughtering animals.

While consumers have access to a number of high-tech plant-based alternatives to meat, pork has so far been overlooked. “Pork is the most consumed meat in the world, particularly in Asia,” he said. “Asian people, Chinese people, we use pork in so many ways.  We use it in everything, in dim sum, in dumplings, in buns, in noodles, and fried rice. It has all sorts of applications.”