Z Energy pushes forward through challenges with biofuel plant


In New Zealand, Z Energy is moving forward with its biofuel plant to produce 20 million liters of diesel a year from waste animal fats. The plant was originally set to be fully operational in 2015 but has run into some challenges preventing that from happening, though they estimate it will be up and running by the end of 2018. While 20 staff work there, it has yet to produce any biodiesel due to issues with land, power, technical equipment, faulty vacuum pumps and a faulty distillation tower. David Binnie, Z Energy’s GM of supply and distribution told Newsroom that the technical problems are frustrating but not project-threatening.

Binnie also told Newsroom, “We’re in early discussions with Air New Zealand, which has got almost a bigger challenge with carbon commitments than Z has. It has set vicious carbon reduction targets and it needs a big new technology or it is never going to meet them.”