Renewable fiber maker wins chance to present at GC3 showcase


In Kingsport, Tennessee, Tandem Repeat has won the opportunity to present its renewable fibers technology to interested parties at GC3’s 3rd Annual Green & Bio-Based Chemistry Technology Showcase & Networking Event in May.

Sixteen companies, including Apple, BASF, Johnson & Johnson, Levi Strauss & Co., L’Oréal, and Procter & Gamble, submitted their green chemistry and materials needs to G3C prior to the showcase. These needs included renewable or greener solutions in adhesives, coating technologies, flame retardants, monomers/polymers, ingredients for formulated consumer products, and recycling technologies.

Tandem Repeat will present its protein-based biopolymer technology for making tough, stretchable thermoplastic fibers.  “As a seed-stage company, we’re delighted to have this unusual opportunity to position our technology in front of an extremely important and diverse audience,” Dr. Gözde Senel-Ayaz, CEO, Tandem Repeat tells Innovation in Textiles. “The GC3 brings together an entire ecosystem of professionals with whom we can network, ranging from retail and brand companies to chemical suppliers, research and development experts, corporate sustainability personnel, fellow startup entrepreneurs, and venture investors.”

In addition to Tandem Repeat, Acticell, Advonex International, Checkerspot, Modular Genetics, Novomer, Solugen, SusTerea Biorenewables, Tethis, and xF Technologies were also chosen to present.