Wacker launches biobased silicone for cosmetics


In Germany, Wacker Chemie has launched a biobased silicone for cosmetics applications.

BELSIL Eco Silicone Fluids have viscosity ranging from 5 and 60,000 centistokes and are suitable for moisturizing creams, lotions, sunscreens, shampoos and conditioners. The linear unmodified polydimethylsiloxanes also feature low surface tension.

The BELSIL eco range is produced using biobased rather than petroleum-based methanol. Because the two are chemically identical, manufacturers do not need to reformulate their products.

“The demand for cosmetic products which are made from raw materials that conserve our natural resources continues to rise,” says Dr. Robert Gnann, President of WACKER SILICONES. “With our new product line we are in an excellent position to meet this demand. For BELSIL eco, we use certified biomethanol produced exclusively from plant residue such as straw or grass cuttings.”

The ingredient will be launched at in-cosmetics Global, taking place this week in Amsterdam.

Wacker estimates 1.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide can be saved per metric ton of biobased silicone fluid.