Pivot Bio’s nitrogen-producing microbes increase crop yields and decrease runoff


In California, Pivot Bio unveiled its field-scale beta testing program for farmers in critical corn-producing states across the Corn Belt to trial Pivot Bio’s nitrogen-producing microbes in large-scale plots. Nitrogen is a critical nutrient in crop production, especially for corn.

“Our approach to re-igniting nitrogen production in naturally-occurring plant microbes has been thoroughly tested over five growing seasons,” said Karsten Temme, CEO and co-founder of Pivot Bio. “I anticipate the additional key findings collected this growing season will confirm the already encouraging results we’ve seen, which include increased yields and a decreased need for conventional fertilizer.”

The process for applying nitrogen requires precise timing and conditions to ensure full nutrient absorption. Pivot Bio’s ON Technology addresses the nutrient absorption issue by using naturally-occurring microbes to deliver nitrogen in a timely and efficient manner – resulting in more productive and predictable crop yields without nutrient degradation, leaching, or toxic runoff into waterways.