Phytelligence partners with Mahyco Grow to improve horticulture quality


In Washington State, Phytelligence, a leading agricultural biotechnology company revolutionizing the way food crops are grown, partnered with Mahyco Grow to provide Indian farmers with the most advanced technology available in horticulture.

The plants produced by Seven Star Fruits, a company of Mahyco Grow, using the Phytelligence MultiPHY process will support higher density planting systems, which results in higher yields per acre and more sustainable production. The partnership will also enable the delivery of new varieties of apples, cherries, peaches, plums, berries, grapes, nuts, oranges and other tropical fruits to Mahyco Grow’s existing customers and the region’s farmers.

Utilizing Mahyco Grow’s extensive network and agricultural expertise along with Phytelligence’s world-leading MultiPHY technology, the partnership aims to help growers plant modern rootstocks and varieties, improve farm incomes and increase fruit quality. The first trees of the partnership will be available for sale in 2018 and delivered in the spring of 2019.