Roboze accelerates growth with new headquarters, huge hiring push and more


In Italy, Roboze, a 3D printing company, unveiled its new headquarters at a 16,000 square foot facility in Modugno that has an R&D laboratory and Demo & Applications center to develop new 3D printing technologies and advanced materials. Roboze plans to quadruple production capacity with the new facility and expand the assembly and testing area of its Roboze machine.

Roboze is also opening a new branch office in the metropolitan area of Chicago, soon to be home to Roboze applications engineers and marketing managers to better reach its customers and boost its presence in the U.S. market. Roboze also plans to realign its resources to create a new division dedicated to the medical technology sector.

Roboze recently received regional approval for a €1.3M project in partnership with the University of Salento, CNR and the San Raffaele Hospital, to design and fabricate the prototype of a 3D Bio-plotter for the 3D printing of scaffolds in compatible and implantable biomaterials.