Monsanto taps Understory to provide hyper-local weather data for agricultural operations


In Wisconsin, Understory, the weather network, edge computing and machine learning company, announced an international expansion with Monsanto to provide on-the-ground insights into localized weather in Argentina to drive growers’ decisions and optimize high value operations.

“Understory provides the only technology necessary to make hyper-local weather valuable for operations management in agricultural areas where local weather information is not accurate,” said Giovanni Piccinni, Global Supply Chain Field Optimization Lead, Monsanto. “With localized accurate data, growers can streamline operational challenges and boost economic outcomes. We anticipate this being an important and valuable partnership.”

Monsanto and Understory tested a pilot program in Hawaii over the past year, refining weather data use in day-to-day grower operations. Each station in the network provides 50,000 measurements a second to power an artificial intelligence core. Understory’s networks do not require maintenance, so they can be deployed in remote areas and remain untouched for over five years.