DSM and Mixfit provide personalized nutrition solutions for optimal health


In New Jersey, DSM and Mixfit, a digital health company, announced a strategic partnership to deliver personalized nutrition solutions for optimal health based on a comprehensive set of health and activity measurements. This unique collaboration intends to provide the ability to analyze health data in real-time, to effectively address nutritional gaps and support a healthy lifestyle.

Soon to be launched, Mixfit’s Intelligent Nutrition Assistant is the artificial intelligence that analyzes a person’s genetic makeup, alongside their diet, lifestyle and health goals, to create and dispense delicious beverages containing a customized mix of DSM’s Quali Blends with vitamins and minerals throughout the day.

The combination of DSM’s safe, effective, high-quality ingredients and Mixfit’s advanced technology means consumers can receive the nutrients they need at the time they need them, from the convenience of their own homes. Additionally, MINA provides users with proactive nutritional recommendations, supported by DSM’s scientific research on micronutrients.