Farming shrimp in the cloud with Cargill’s iQShrimp


In Minnesota, shrimp farmers can tap into the first cloud-based solution in the aquaculture industry thanks to Cargill’s iQShrimp. The predictive software uses machine learning and sensors to give them real-time visibility into their farm operations. iQShrimp is a first-generation offering driven by iQuatic, Cargill’s digital platform for aquaculture.

“Shrimp farming has inherent weather and disease risks,” said Neil Wendover, Cargill’s digital insights product line director for aquaculture.  “By working directly with shrimp farmers, our data scientists can use machine learning to deliver insights to inform decisions that directly impact the growth and economics of their operations.”

The iQShrimp software captures data from shrimp ponds through mobile devices, sensors and automated feeders to record data about shrimp size, water quality, feeding patterns, and health and weather conditions. The system then combines the production and environmental information to provide insights and recommendations, such as feeding management strategies and optimal harvest dates.