New Sodexo burger uses mushrooms to lighten carbon footprint


In France, Sodexo launched “The Natural” burger, which is a 75/25 blend of beef/mushroom burger to help lower calories, sodium, and cholesterol and is kinder to the environment because of its reduced carbon footprint. Sodexo adds mushrooms to the burger so that adds flavor and nutrients like Vitamin D, potassium, and B vitamins, while cutting down the amount of beef needed to produce the burger without impacting what most consumers think of or want in a burger. Sodexo makes “The Natural” free of added antibiotics and hormones and is minimally processed without any artificial ingredients.

Kate Giere, RD, LDN, Regional Wellness Director of Sodexo Corporate Services, said “Some people struggle to eat well because they have an “all or nothing” mindset. The Natural’ burger is an example of the essential middle ground—something that tastes great and satisfies a burger craving, but also promotes greener food practices and doesn’t leave you worrying about antibiotics or hormones in your food.”