Eating a fresh avocado every day helps your eyes and your brain


In California, consuming one fresh avocado per day may lead to improved cognitive function in healthy older adults due to increased lutein levels in the brain and eye, according to new research. Forty healthy adults ages 50 and over who ate one fresh avocado a day for six months experienced a 25 percent increase in lutein levels in their eyes and significantly improved working memory and problem-solving skills.

The participants that ate one medium avocado daily showed gradual growth in the amount of lutein in their eyes and progressive improvement in cognition skills as measured by tests designed to evaluate memory, processing speed, and attention levels. In contrast, the control group which did not eat avocados experienced fewer improvements in cognitive health during the study.

The study suggests that monounsaturated fats, fiber, lutein and other bioactives found in avocados are effective in providing benefits for both eye and brain health.