Cargill and Cainthus bring cow facial recognition to dairy farms


In Minnesota, Cargill and Cainthus, a Dublin-based machine vision company, are reshaping how animal producers make decisions for their livestock through a strategic partnership that will bring facial recognition technology to dairy farms across the world. Although the terms were not disclosed, Cargill contributed a minority equity investment.

Cainthus uses breakthrough predictive imaging to monitor the health and well-being of livestock. Their proprietary software uses images to identify individual animals based on hide patterns and facial recognition and tracks key data such as food and water intake, heat detection and behavior patterns.

Cainthus’ imaging technology can identify individual cows by their features in several seconds to memorize a cow’s unique identity, recording individual pattern and movements. That information is used as part of an artificial intelligence-driven mathematical algorithm that conveys imagery into feed and water intake analysis, behavioral tracking and health alerts that can be sent directly to the farmer.