Halcyon Agri acquires two natural rubber producers


In Indonesia, natural rubber producer Halcyon Agri (Singapore) has announced that it will acquire PT Sumber Djantin and PT Sumber Alam for S$105.3 million ($79.7 million).

Through the acquisitions, Halcyon Agri will add four Standard Indonesian Rubber (SIR) factories in Pontianak, Indonesia with a total annual capacity of 132,000 metric tons.

The deal closely follows Halcyon Agri’s announcement on December 8, 2017 that it will acquire PT Pulau Bintan Djaya.

When all three deals have been completed, Halcyon will own 19 factories in Indonesia—up from 14 currently. It will also become the largest producer of SIR globally with 877,000 metric tons. The most recently announced acquisition is expected to close on March 18, 2018.