Klimahouse Startup Award narrows to 10 finalists


In Italy, the finalists of the Klimahouse Startup Award 2018 which honors sustainable technologies for intelligent construction with a view to people and nature. include several biomaterial startups that could win the final prize of 20,000 Euros. One of the finalists, Mogu, is a startup that developed mushroom-based building boards that are 100% compostable. The building biomaterial consists of mushroom braids and waste products of the agricultural and food industry and can be used either for floors or for heat and noise insulation of houses. The fungus, which grows both in and around the plant material, acts as a natural glue and gives the biomaterial stability.

Another finalist is Ricehouse, a startup that is promoting the use of rice straw and chaff as a building material in order to create a positive cycle on a social, economic and environmental level. Ricehouse develops, manufactures and markets these bio-composites for the construction industry.

The finalists will be chosen January 26th during the final “nature of building, nature of living” round in Italy where the 10 finalists get to present their products.