Tesco launches Wicked Kitchen plant-based meals nationwide


In the United Kingdom, Tesco launched its first ever range of ‘wicked’ plant-based dishes, unleashing the mighty flavor of plants. Now available in 600 stores nationwide, Tesco partnered with pioneering chef, Derek Sarno, to create ‘Wicked Kitchen’ – an exclusive new range of irresistible meals that celebrate everything that’s ‘wicked’ and tasty about plants. 

From crispy carrot ‘pastrami’ to wicked-meated barbecued ‘shrooms and Sourdough Pizza, the vibrant wraps, meals and salads have all the zing, punch and crunch to encourage Brits to eat more veg – and they’re available at a great price too.  Chef Derek said, “When I first arrived in Britain from America I was hugely surprised at how little choice there was for vegans and those considering a lifestyle change.”

In the last year alone, Tesco has directly seen the effect of those lifestyle choices with demand for chilled vegetarian ready meals and meat substitutes soaring by 25 percent.