Sweet Defeat lozenge stops sugar cravings in seconds


In New York, Sweet Defeat LLC, launched Sweet Defeat, a patented lozenge that is clinically proven to reduce consumption of and desire for high sugar foods. Comprised of five high quality, plant-based ingredients, Sweet Defeat has the unique ability to help stop sugar cravings and hinder the ability to taste any sweetener (natural, added, or artificial) within seconds.

Sweet Defeat was developed by wellness entrepreneurs Robert Goldstein and Arianne Perry, to fight back against their own sugar cravings and eliminate their sweet tooth. Following years of scientific research, they developed Sweet Defeat’s unique, patented formula using gymnema, a natural leaf extract from the gymnema sylvestre plant that has been a staple in Eastern medicine throughout history.

Sweet Defeat can be consumed daily, as needed, after any meal or snack, or any other time a craving arises. The purified gymnema binds to sweet taste receptors on the tongue, suppressing sweet taste.