SuperMeat raises $3 million to bring clean chicken to market


In Israel, SuperMeat, a biotech and food-tech startup, raised $3 million in seed funding and formed a strategic partnership with PHW, one of Europe’s largest poultry producers, and an equity investor in the company. The Tel-Aviv-based company expects to bring its clean chicken products to market within three years, at a price point similar to the conventional chicken products currently available on store shelves.

SuperMeat’s clean meat is produced by growing cells that have been painlessly extracted from a chicken. The cells are then grown in conditions that allow them to thrive, forming high-quality chicken cuts. This process puts an end to the industrial need to mass produce animals for slaughter, while eliminating exposure to animal waste and food-borne illnesses.

The recent seed round was led by US-based New Crop Capital and mission-oriented venture capital firm Stray Dog Capital. Both firms are committed to investing in more sustainable food systems.