Green tea bests turmeric and cocoa as the superfood for holiday recovery


In the UK, London-based nutritionist Georgios Tzenichristos looked into the benefits and nutrient content of some particular superfoods: turmeric, matcha tea and cocoa.

“It’s a no brainer,” Georgios comments. “If I had to choose one of those famous actives, that would be the humble green tea. A cup is easy to prepare, costs next to nothing and provides you with a whopping 7 percent active molecules, the most of any other drink or food. This is in contrast to turmeric, which is a hassle to prepare and only contains 2 percent active curcumin. Plain cocoa fares even worse, as it usually needs milk and sugar to be palatable and only contains 0.5 percent active flavanols.”

“So if you are looking for a super ingredient to help you recover from the holidays and fill your body with antioxidants this year, green tea is the simplest and most effective choice,” Georgios concludes.