DNM Farms partners with Global Growables for year-round greens


In California, Global Growables and DNM Farms partnered to locate the first Mobile Growable unit at DNM Farms. Made from refurbished freight containers, the Mobile Growable container grows micro-greens, herbs and leafy-greens indoors 24/7 365 days a year using liquid-cooled LED lights and sophisticated hydroponic technology.

DNM Farms recently added the Mobile Growable container to grow high quality greens and herbs to service the local chefs from private country clubs and restaurants. The Mobile Growable container will grow over 10,000 pounds of fresh produce annually using 10 percent of the water of traditional soil-based farming and will provide the chefs at local private clubs, restaurants and hotels with fresh, organic and local organic food.

The combined yield from the greenhouse, container and aquaponics will feed hundreds of families, provide local jobs and provide financial support to the community with donations from the sale of fresh, healthy and locally grown food.