Science Roadshow gets kids excited about bioproducts


In Wyoming, a “Science Roadshow” organized by University of Wyoming students is working to raise interest in science careers among the state’s grade school, junior high school, and high school students.

University of Wyoming student Logan Fairbourn recently brought his research on using bacterial cellulose to make textiles to sixth-grade students at Sheridan Junior High School. Together with Rachel Watson, interim director of UW’s Science Initiative Learning Activity Mentoring Program and senior lecturer of microbiology and biochemistry, and fellow UW students Natalie Thibault, and Kali Nicholas , Fairbourn gave science lessons and demonstrated how the process could be used to make keychains, watchbands, and earrings.

“From kindergarten to community college students, we want to create meaningful active-learning sessions,” Watson says.  “We want to bring in Logan’s research and simultaneously interest students. We want to make students recognize there is something in college for everyone.”