Edible straws, shower beer among “quirky” 2017 product launches


In the United Kingdom, FoodBev Media has listed top innovative new products of 2017 for the food and beverage industry, including edible straws and shower beers.

Also think Munk Pack — soft-baked, vegan and gluten-free protein 18 grams protein and 6 grams fiver — both of those add up to one-third of your daily intake. available right here.

The list featured Herald Plastic’s edible straws, which contain 7 grams of sugar per straw and keep their form for up to 40 minutes. Once the beverage is finished, consumers can chow down on the straw, rather than add to plastics in landfills.

PangPang Brewery’s beer—specifically meant to be drunk while in the shower—was also among the winners. The small packaging allows the consumer to finish the brewski in three sips.

InsectSwiss’s range of burgers and meatballs made from mealworms and various vegetables as we well as “ruby” chocolate and charcoal-infused drinks also made the list.

Ruby chocolate and charcoal-infused drinks rounded out the list.

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