Local Roots vertical farms achieve cost parity with traditional farming


In California, Local Roots announced that its next generation TerraFarm has achieved cost parity with traditional farming, an industry first.  In response to demand for its better than organic produce from corporate customers, acceptance to the UN World Food Programme and membership in the Creative Destruction Lab with the world’s top technologists, Local Roots also announced it will deploy more than 100 new TerraFarms in 2018.

Local Roots has a modular approach that enables it to quickly deploy and scale large numbers of TerraFarms at or near corporate customers’ food distribution centers.  This approach allows Local Roots produce to last nearly two weeks longer than traditional produce, a compelling offering for an industry suffering from 52 percent spoilage rates.

Built inside upcycled shipping containers, TerraFarms grow better than organic produce year-round in nearly any geography, using 99 percent less water, no pesticides and at the same cost as traditional farms.

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