Last-minute gift ideas for your eco-conscious friends


In New York, Huffington Post has compiled a list of environmentally friendly gifts for the green consumer on your holiday shopping list.

Products made from renewable sources made up a decent chunk of the ten-item list. These products included Bee’s Wrap, a reusable, compostable alternative to saran wrap made from organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. A 3-pack costs $18.

A phone case made from starch-based polymer, recycled materials, and flax straw also makes a great gift. The case is somewhat pricey—$29–$37—but the manufacturer offers a buy one-get one half off discount.

Other items on HuffPo’s list include paper straws by Aardvark for $4.99–$5.25; solar-powered, wireless speakers made from bamboo ($90); Ellison sunglasses ($120–$180) made from cellulose acetate, complete with cases made from cork, paper, and vegan mushroom leather; and toilet paper made from bamboo.

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