Italian shoe brand debuts apple-based vegan leather 


In Italy, designer shoe brand VEERAH has launched a line of footwear made from apple peels.

The vegan leather, which took six years to develop, is made from organic apples handpicked in the Italian Alps.

VEERAH tells Plant-Based News it is the first brand to use apple peels to produce shoes.

“Inspired by a passionate group of environmental scientists we saw in Paris for the UN Climate Change Conference, this revolutionary new material was produced from apples grown in the Italian Alps after more than six years of industrious research and experimentation,” the company says.  “Responsibly sourced and luxuriously crafted, each eco-friendly style is purposefully designed at every stage and comes with removable and interchangeable accessories to multiply your looks while minimizing your fashion footprint.”

Natural pores in the peels mean the shoes are breathable and UV-resistant.

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