Flushable test will tell you if you have bun in the oven


Lia is launching the first-ever flushable pregnancy test

In Philadelphia, Lia Diagnostics is launching the first-ever flushable pregnancy test made from natural materials.

Founded in 2015 by Bethany Edwards and Anna Simpson, Lia Diagnostics aims to address the lack of sustainability in this particular diagnostics segment. “Single-use diagnostics are only used for a couple of minutes, and they’re all made out of plastic and non-sustainable materials,” Edwards tells Tech Crunch.  “It’s been the same stick test since 1987, and that’s kind of crazy,” she adds.

The biodegradable tests are made from a special paper and have received FDA approval. They will be available online in mid-2018, first through the company’s website and later on Amazon. The cost is expected to run between $9–$22.

Lia Diagnostics expects to eventually expand beyond pregnancy tests to create “a new category of water-dispersible, biodegradable diagnostics,” Edwards adds.

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