Subaru joins ranks of automakers sued for rat-munched car parts


In Hawaii, a class-action lawsuit is seeking compensation for Subaru owners who allege their cars’ soy-based components were damaged by hungry rodents.

According to, the suit covers cars sold or distributed by Honolulu’s Servco Subaru since November 2013. One plaintiff paid over $300 to replace the fuel line and rear wiper hose on her Subaru Forester shortly after purchasing the vehicle in 2015, but was later told by the automaker that the rodent damage was not covered by the warranty. Rodent droppings and evidence of “nest building” were later found in the vehicle, which in 2017 went on to need nearly $3,000 in repairs for two other instances of rodent damage.

“Rodents destroyed a wire associated with my power steering,” according to a different Subaru owner. “The car was towed to the dealer, and they provided a rental. The next night the same wire was again destroyed by rodents.” Power steering problems have also been blamed on rodent damage.

The lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court of the Second Circuit for the State of Hawaii. Honda and Toyota have been subject to similar complaints.