Freight Farms goes to China


In Massachusetts, Freight Farms announced Everlane as a new corporate partner, who plans to purchase and launch three Leafy Green Machines at Saitex, their LEED-certified denim factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to provide its workers with two healthy meals a day.

Everlane’s contribution addresses the rampant use of unregulated pesticides in Vietnam, which has severely degraded soil health and water quality. As a result, existing sources of local agriculture leave Saitex’s employees at risk to exposure to dangerous chemicals.

This project is made possible by Everlane’s Black Friday Fund, an annual initiative using Black Friday sales to improve the lives of workers at factories like Saitex. Michael Preysman, founder, Everlane said, “This year, we are excited to partner with Freight Farms to build a farm that will provide the workers at Saitex two healthy meals per day that are pesticide free and grown in the cleanest way possible.”