Danone takes the plunge with Kona Deep for deep ocean water


In France, Danone Manifesto Ventures has taken a minority stake in the Hawaii-based company Kona Deep with a $5.5 million investment. Kona Deep sources and bottles deep ocean water from 3,000 feet below the ocean surface in Kona, Hawaii that is rich in naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes. After launching in Hawaii in late 2015, Kona Deep recently expanded onto the U.S. mainland where the demand for premium waters and performance waters is growing rapidly. Danone’s press release states that Kona Deep “aligns with Danone’s One Planet, One Health strategic vision, and shares Danone’s sustainable business agenda and vision of bringing consumers great tasting water with compelling hydration benefits.”

Danone Manifesto Ventures participated in Kona Deep’s $5.5 million financing round alongside Grand Crossing Capital and local Hawaiian investors. Kona Deep intends to use the investment to support growth initiatives by expanding distribution, increasing and optimizing production capacity and raising awareness for the Kona Deep ocean water. Danone Manifesto Ventures is the corporate venture unit of Danone.